Minggu, 21 Juli 2019

Avoid acting like an arrogant old man

Avoid acting like an arrogant old man

With all the publicity that American Idol has gotten in the past few years, some of the most entertaining gossip from recent shows has been arrogant stage parents, Jeff Archuleta. Questions still surround the show, and many parents worry that they can find themselves in Jeff's position at some time with their own talented children. However, many parents are starting to worry, the show really has some good reasons to do what they do. Learn how to be a stage parent like Jeff Archuleta because it is very important to really let your child find true success on the show.

Even though at first glance it might seem like a truly loving parent waiting on the wing, the old man on the stage is a growing offspring that emerges from the depths of hell, not from an encouraging love that comes from most parents. Sometimes crossing from parents who push lovingly to the parental stage seems very easy; many parents shift modestly, while other parents find that this transition is very complicated.

It is a well-known fact that American Idol will not allow contestants to actively participate under the age of 18 without the permission of their parents. It has been known since season 1 began many years ago. However, while parental permission is needed, parents are not permitted to just sign forms and disappear back to their hometown while producers handle looking after their children. I think this makes it easier for some parents to quickly become a stage parent, but it is necessary for parents to look after their own children.

Jeff Archuleta began to become famous as a stage parent because of his constant interference with other contestants. He was not satisfied just running his son's time on the show. Instead he was very interested in trying to sabotage other contestants according to the report. Because of this, rumors quickly began to fly claiming that the tension on the show was getting higher and stated that Jeff Archuleta was at the center of it all. How true the actual report has not been seen, but the truth is that many parents find themselves crossing into the area of ​​destruction with other contestants. It is important that as a stage parent, you limit your interactions with your own child, rather than disrupt other contestants.

Another fatal mistake made by Jeff Archuleta who created the disaster that made him quickly banned from the location of the shooting was working with his son to change the lyrics of the song. This created a nightmare for the show because of a very real problem with the copyright made. By working with his son to change the lyrics of his songs, he not only broke the rules of the show, he also opposed what the producer said when he asked about changing lyrics, and he spent a lot of money from the show. fines and penalties for artists who are persecuted. This all creates a very big drama in the show. Because of the problem due to the incident, Jeff Archuleta was banned from the stage again.

It is important to realize that as a stage parent, you cannot interfere with other players and you also cannot be too arrogant so you put the show in danger. Just like American Idol which has produced many winners, they also produced many "losers" who still managed to enter a truly successful career. If you are willing to let go of your child and give them creative input, and ensure that you make your child follow all the rules of the event, you will find that it can be a truly enjoyable experience without all the drama. who followed the stage parents.