Minggu, 21 Juli 2019

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

There have been a number of events that took place during the historic period when America declared its independence from Britain which was so historic, so iconic that they had taken as much myth and legend status as history. And of course the Boston Tea Party fits that description. This is a very prominent event in American history so it is not unusual to see school children playing it during plays or elementary school dramas. And the names of participants including John Hancock, Paul Revere and John Adams also became classic hero figures in folklore and American history.

But the events of December 16, 1776 were not a fairy tale or a myth but the real and important part of the development of the American Revolution was very important for the initial foundation of this country. The taxation situation imposed by Brittan on goods entering the colony is one of the serious pressures on invaders because they do not have control over these taxes. And the tax situation is becoming more extreme with relations between the British government and East Indian Tea companies that receive tax breaks for their goods which will put them in a competitive advantage in America.

This type of preferential treatment only exacerbates already strained relations between the colonies and Britain and many people in the leadership of the American countries see the way the UK handles the situation as a conspiracy to try to hurt the economy of a new developing country and to implement strict rules. through taxation on colonies and colonies. That is why the famous proclamation "Without Tax Without Representation" became a historic thing for the anger towards the British who brought the colonies into a revolutionary war which ultimately led to the independence of the American colonies and the beginning of a new country.

Finally on Thursday, December 16, 1776, decisive action needs to be taken. And our ancestors were nothing if they were not known for their brave and decisive actions in the fact of tyranny. The East India Tea Company has docked HMS Dartmouth in the port of Boston full of imported fresh tea for the colony. It's time for invaders to make a statement that the use of this unethical and immoral tea tax for all intents and purposes is an act of war and they will treat it like that.

Poorly disguised as Indians, brave invaders boarded HMS Dartmouth and his sister ship, HMS Beaver and HMS Eleanor and skillfully and efficiently disposed of all shipments of tea to the port of Boston. All amounted to more than forty-five tons of tea going into the water that night. That was an amazing blow. But more than that it was a slap on the face of the British government and the challenge was confirmed that their efforts to govern the tyrants would not be tolerated anymore.

This event was very important in encouraging hostility between the British and the colonies through the stage of "disturbance" and regulating power in the movement for war. But more than that, the statement of rebellion that so boldly made many invaders inspired to join the increasing choir that called for war and independence.

For loyal Britons, the idea of ​​separating and forming their own country is difficult to understand. But the leadership of the people who planned and carried out the Boston Tea Party showed a new independent spirit. This is a kind of backbone, pride and independence that will come to define the spirit of America in the years to come. But it takes courage and courage for this small group of men to show that being trampled by foreign tyrants is not something we have to face.

It made a statement to the British and to the invaders at the same time that the revolution was possible and they could really consider themselves free people who would submit to the king. Since then, American independence cannot be avoided. These visionary leaders show us an American who gives strength to his people, not to the king or the government and the results of how America works and our lives lived are a direct result of bold protests like the Boston Tea Party.