Minggu, 21 Juli 2019

Destroying Judges - Friends or Opponents?

Destroying Judges - Friends or Opponents?

If we have to be honest, everyone can usually agree that the purpose of this event is not only to identify the next big American Idol, but also to see and watch exactly what the judges will do and say. Of course, not all episodes are filled with humorous antics from the judges but you often find juries involved in some strange encounters. To really determine which judge is your friend, and who is actually your enemy, it is very important to determine which judge will help you the most.

In general, the judges are full of useful information. The problem arises when you try to decide which judge should listen to when they have a different opinion. While many people will be happy to hear that they are truly extraordinary and Simon has no bad things to say about them, it is a fact that Simon will usually have something to criticize. But stop thinking, most contestants who take advice from juries and use it to their advantage and decide to start improving their true skills.

It is very important for you to learn how to really follow the advice given by the judges. But be careful how you really respond to the judges is also important. Simon Cowell, for example, has a habit of being very abrasive. However, it is very important to really listen to the advice Simon shared. Although he is certainly not known as a judge who wants to be occupied and embraced by most people, he is of course the only judge who will always give a truth that is completely impartial regardless of how your performance occurs.

Paula Abdul tends to attack contestants and even viewers as crazy sisters. With his strange antics, weird comments and unique clothes, he is very unique for the show. He tends to withdraw in the face of confrontation and also has the habit of not being honest enough with contestants when it comes time to give them honest feedback about their appearance. If you are worried about getting the best advice, Paula is usually not the best place to get your advice. However, it was a proven fact after the last 7 seasons that Paula was the best at making contestants feel good and even bringing silly talent to the show.

The final judge is Randy Jackson, who like everyone knows is usually a relaxed person. While his career has earned him much respect from music industry experts, it also helped him to create truly special interactions with the contestants on the show. If you are interested in getting a correct assessment of your skills without feeling embarrassed, Randy is usually a good choice. However, it is also very important to realize that Randy sometimes softens his feedback to protect the feelings of each contestant.

In general, if you are truly honest about your skills assessment Simon is the chosen judge. Even though he may not be a favorite jury for everyone, he will definitely give you the information and feedback you need to really get started in the music industry. By following the advice and showing him a little respect, you should begin to see that your skills are increasing, and as many contestants have proven before, the suggestions are useful and when followed can help them to climb very far into the ranks of the event.

Putting effort into the repairs needed to really make it on the show often requires you to be friends with the devil. This means it's time to be friends with Simon, because everyone can easily agree that he knows how to develop talent, but he is rather insolent in the method of talking to people. As long as you are willing to ignore some bad comments, you will find that you make a substantial increase in your skills and make friends with all judges rather than enemies.