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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was one of the almost mythical figures of early American history who stood as one of the great heroes of the revolution and the initial definition of what would happen in this country. Sometimes it's easy to see someone who is so high in history and thinking, maybe some of them are myths. But when you look at the history of that era, he is as great as we are worshiped.

Thomas Jefferson's service for the new American union lasted more than fifty years. He not only contributes to the core philosophical foundation on which our democracy is based, he serves in various offices and makes phenomenal contributions to developing countries including ...

* 1775 - Presented at the Continental Congress
* 1776 - Writing the Declaration of Independence
* 1779-1781 - Governor of Virginia
* 1783 - Chosen in Congress
* 1784-1789 - Commissioner and minister for France
* 1790-1793 - The first American Secretary of State under George Washington
* 1797-1801 - Served as Deputy President of the United States
* 1801-1809 - Third President of the United States
* 1803 - Approved and helped launch the Lewis and Clark Expedition
* 1803 - Buying Louisiana Territory for the United States
* 1815 - Launches the Library of Congress
* 1825 - founded the University of Virginia

This phenomenal achievement record is almost unmatched in comparable public service records of civil servants. But Jefferson's contribution was more than the office served, he was one or two or three major philosophical thinkers of his time who laid the ideological foundations of America.

It is impossible to overemphasize the achievements that he wrote the Declaration of Independence. This document has taken a central position in American history so that it is regarded with respect that is usually provided for religious documents. He eloquently communicates the beliefs and values ​​of the American government system so that Jefferson can be seen as a true minister and prophet of those ideals.

Thomas Jefferson also strongly believed in Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion of the country to the Pacific Ocean. He gave inspiration, funds and political muscle to launch the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition which was responsible for finding huge land and new treasures in the heart of America and inspiring a country to "go west of youth" and to achieve that dream to become a nation that stretches "to the sea to the shining sea".

Jefferson was thirsty for almost unquenchable knowledge. He passed the desire to study at the University of Virginia building. But its contribution to education which has made a big mark on American society is the construction of an American library system where citizens from any community can have access to large volumes of information at no cost. It was an extraordinary experiment in public education. But today only a few of us can imagine a world where we cannot at any time "go check it out in the library". The library has become the center of the American way of life.

It seems that Thomas Jefferson made an impact on every aspect of society from the growing state education system to the government and even made his point of view of religious freedom an important part of the way America approached this important topic. The whole concept of "separation of church and state" is one of Jefferson's struggles.

It should be noted that in his writings it is clear that the separation of church and state functions because there is to limit the government from limiting the religious rights of citizens illegally. Sometimes we misinterpret Jefferson's concept that this government restriction exists to limit religious freedom when in fact there is to encourage all religious freedom that Americans need to respect and worship with full openness and never fear that the government will deter who, what, when , where or how they express their religious ideas.

It is important to look back on this man's genius, Thomas Jefferson and be grateful that he is the best man at this time in a time so important in the development of the great nation of the United States.

Columbus's legacy

Columbus's legacy

If you recall the first things you have learned about American history, what jumped was that Columbus sailed the blue ocean and found America was 1492. While the date is correct, we then learn when our historical studies become more scientific that there are some disputes about did Columbus find America at all. So, what is the real legacy of this Columbus legend to American culture that has made him such a respected figure in cultural history?

So many Columbus stories are predicted, in the first review, we will almost bring down the story of how Columbus discovered America to the mythical level that borders the worship of superheroes. But Columbus is not a myth. There really is an explorer named Columbus who made three brave trips across the ocean and during that trip, he did find "a new world." His ships were actually named Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria and he did start one of the three trips in 1492.

Columbus's legacy is more than just the fact of his exploration journey and its results. There is reason to believe that the "American discovery" that Columbus told us did not happen on the land of North America but is a little further south from here, somewhere in the Bahamas. But Columbus's legacy lies in his enthusiasm and the challenges he takes that are part of the American spirit and which we identify are very strong.

Part of the legend is that Columbus began this journey for a new world despite the "scientific" belief that the world was flat. Now research in recent times has produced sufficient documentation to show that seafarers at that time never believed that teaching. Their extensive knowledge of navigation and astronomy, which is very important for every successful sea voyage, is enough for seafarers to know that the earth is round and that they will never "fall from the edge." However, images of brave people launched out into the sea, contrary to popular opinion suggestions, to find something new and interesting so that it is connected with the spirit of American discovery and adventure so that this myth survives as part of Columbus's heritage.

Americans do have a feeling of extraordinary discovery and adventure and a deep need to conquer new lands, to reach beyond their own reach and to do the impossible. This is the spirit of Manifest Destiny that gripped the nation long before there was a reason to believe that a small group of invaders had the resources to complete a great nation. Americans always have a firm belief in themselves and a core belief that they can do the impossible. Part of the American spirit is what connects to Columbus who began the mission of daring to face certain dangers so that he can also find new lands and have great adventures.

Columbus's legacy also lies in America's desire to explore. Although the source of the quote only shows science fiction, the "mission" of the fictional space ship "The Enterprise" encapsulates a deep desire in the heart of all Americans.

Space, the last border. This is the Starship Company trip. Five-year mission: exploring a strange new world. To seek new life and new civilization. Go boldly to a place that humans have never visited before.

For Americans, James Kirk's mission is the perfect restatement of Christopher Columbus's mission. And that is an American mission that has encouraged this country and its citizens to find and achieve achievements that have never been done before. Columbus's passion for all Americans is what makes this country great.

The Great War

The Great War

American history is adorned with several major conflicts that civilization has fought for and for great ideals. This was never more true than in World War II, which was sometimes called the Great War. As is often the case, not war that wants to be part of America. So often, when aggressors bring war to America he is forced to respond. But in all cases when America responds, with anger the enemies will rarely forget.

When you think about it, the idea of ​​world war is very scary. And in all respects, World War II was a world war because it seized almost every country and every continent in a global conflict that lasted for years. The enemies of America and their allies are armed, intelligent, firm and strong. But America faces challenges and will face more challenges if people like Hitler dare to threaten civilization like this again.

World War II is actually also a case of textbooks about flawless collaboration with our allies. Working with them was almost like we were a country and one of our troops mobilized our troops in various fighting theaters from Europe to Asia to Russia and throughout the world. We have to fight more than one enemy. Hitler's own Germany was a frightening enemy because it spread its evil influence throughout Europe capturing country after state and threatening to swallow the entire continent and then proceed to seize land in Central Asia and even America.

But we also have strong enemies in German allies, especially Japan. When this fearsome enemy attacked our forces at Pearle Harbor, it was a blow to America that could not be ignored. For Japan, they hope to stifle the American military and erase all hopes of the American heart to be able to strike back or be part of the conflict. They are completely opposite because every man, woman and child in America unites to build a type of war machine that will bring Axis power to an end, no matter what the cost.

But the most important thing that America said to the world when it faced Hitler's forces and defeated them was that a totalitarian government of free society would never be tolerated. Hitler dreamed of world domination like the great kings of ancient Rome from the early German empire. But America had removed the dictators when we founded this country and declared that we would not be king's pawns or tyrants. We will not give up that hard-won freedom to crazy people while there is still fighting in this country.

It's not an easy or no-cost battle. Thousands of young Americans surrender their lives to preserve the freedom that our ancestors have won. Our leaders must show determination and unity that they will not blink in the face of challenges and they will not disappoint brave American soldiers or civilians who stand behind them until Hitler and his allies are in defeat.

The world sees what America made in that great conflict. He saw that a country blessed with great wealth and prosperity was also willing to change those resources to defend its borders and defend its allies. That is a hard lesson for our enemies to know that America is not a country that can be taken lightly in combat. But then we show that we are not a vengeful country when, even in defeat, we reach out to Japan, Germany and other losers and help them rebuild from that terrible war. This is also a testimony of American enthusiasm and a fair sense of America. Let us hope that the enemy will never rise again to test the will because they will find as Hitler did, that America will not fail to respond to the call to war or a call to respect the inheritance.

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

If you have to think of a document other than the Bible that one can easily quote almost without thinking about it, that one document is the Declaration of Independence. Comparison with the Bible is very precise. Not that the Declaration of Independence is sacred in the religious sense. But he has a place of respect in the hearts of the American people and in the history of the founding of this great nation.

Although not the first words of the Declaration of Independence, these evocative words have the power of such prophecy so that anyone who hears them is immediately inspired by the beauty, poetry and profound truth expressed in the historical document.

We regard this truth as self-evidence, that all humans are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that of which are Life, Freedom and the pursuit of Happiness.

The statement of this famous declaration so beautifully shows some core principles that show why this document has a profound impact on the minds and hearts of Americans. The statement that the truth in this document is true is a profound statement. The Declaration of Independence shows that what is stated in these pages is theory, possibility, even political ideology. This is the truth that places them at the same value as the value statement that is often taught in a religious environment. Truth is eternal values ​​and values ​​that are not changed by circumstances, by anyone or anything that handles land governance or by the willingness of parliamentarians. These truths are above that temporal worldly idea and live on that eternal plains.

"Sufficiently clear" is a strong expression and reflects the founding belief in what is called natural law. Natural law is a system of belief that there is a law that is part of our natural condition and cannot be revoked (cannot be revoked). This law is our right as an almighty creation and any government system must recognize this law because they are above the government. This is a basic belief system of the American system that ALL people have the right to these rights and that they cannot be taken.

The mention of the creator in the declaration of independence is very important because there are people who argue that the separation of church and state tells us that the government is basically a secular institution. Obviously the founders did not lay the foundation of our country on that basis. They see the inheritance that we as Americans have in our rights and freedoms to be part of our inheritance from God and thus, above the government and something that the government must retreat and leave alone and the prettiest and most enduring.

The Declaration of Independence is truly an extraordinary document especially when you consider a "primitive" country when written by Thomas Jefferson and signed on July 2, 1776 to become the backbone of our American government system. It became a document often referenced and quoted, even part of President Lincoln's famous inaugural speech when he said with such deep conviction ...

Four scores and seven years ago our father gave birth on this continent, a new country, conceived in freedom, and dedicated to the proposition that all humans are created equal. "

Because these words are such a deep part of our American heritage, American history and American spirit, they are often an important part of any historical study in schools in this country. That is why school children in every state are very familiar with these words.

But we should take one time a year or more and take a copy of our Declaration of Independence and read it both as a moment of personal reflection and with our families. What a wonderful fourth July tradition. Then when you watch fireworks that celebrate the birth of the country and its independence, you will have fresh words in your heart to remind you that our creator gave us our freedom and freedom and no one has the right to take him away.

American Legal Basis

American Legal Basis

There are only a few really great documents that represent the foundation stone on which the American government system was built. One of them is the Declaration of Independence. Another is the Bill of Rights. But when it comes to legal issues that we always follow to test whether a law in this country can survive or fall, it is the United States Constitution that becomes the backbone that determines right and wrong for us. .

You might even say that the only reason we have a Supreme Court is to have a living body here to decide, interpret, and enforce constitutional law. And what is the worst accusation that can be done by anyone about any questionable actions from government agencies? "It's unconstitutional" is the accusation. That is how powerful this document is in American life, the definition of law and culture.

The historical context of the signing of the Constitution was the Constitutional Convention on September 17, 1787 in Philadelphia. The city witnessed many historic events that ensured its place in the country's history to ensure. The constitution makers must be considered without doubt, the most intelligent and highly educated people of their time and perhaps from any time. The document was so well made that it has remained a legal standard for more than 200 years without any sign that its strength will be reduced for hundreds of years. But in that context, the Constitution is the oldest document of its kind in the world and the original is carefully protected but is on display in Washington DC.

The constitution reflects the best of some of the oldest legal documents with similar intentions that have returned hundreds of years into history. Thus the Constitution includes ideas taken from the Magna Carta, French political philosopher Montesquieu, The Code of Hammurabi, Old Testament law, ancient Greek political ideology from writers such as Polybius and Common Law from England. So, while the core ideas of the Constitution are drawn from some of the largest government systems and ideologies of history, the result is a unique format for managing untrained people so that they are considered "Great American Experiments."

The constitution is divided into seven "articles", each of which addresses one division of government. Articles one to three discuss three branches of government including the legislature, executive and judiciary. Article four discusses the rights and powers of the state. It is clear to see that formulators know the importance of leaving a lot of governmental power at the local and state level and that these rights need to be preserved in basic community documents, the Constitution.

Other articles discuss the process of ratification and federal power. But the wisdom of the formulator of the Constitution lies in article five which describes the amendment process which gives room for additional work to be carried out so that the Constitution remains up-to-date on the changes that need to be made. Therefore, the Constitution has remained a living document for many years and will continue to be seen in that light for decades and centuries to come.

The cold War

The cold War

When we look back over the centuries that represent American history, it is easy to call upon the great military involvement that represents the great war in this country. From World War II to the Civil War to Korea to World War I, America has been involved in many military engagements and emerged victorious in all but a few of them. But one of the strangest and longest wars that ever happened in America was a war called the "Cold War".

For many Americans who live today, the Cold War is a fact of life for decades. The reason is that cold war is because there is no battlefield, no troops are stationed, nothing is counted and no major involvement has to be reported. Instead it was a long period of silent hostility between the United States and the Soviet Union that lasted from the end of World War II to the early 1990s.

The strange thing is that the cold war grew out of our relationship with the Soviet Union during World War II which was a friendly relationship. But the seeds of "conflict" existed at the end of that terrible war. With the advent of nuclear technology, the concept of a "superpower" was born. This was not a source of tension until the Soviet Union itself developed the bomb as well and a long cold attack occurred in which the two countries trained thousands of these weapons to each other to warn each other that they should not consider firing these weapons.

It was a staring contest that lasted almost fifty years and created an extraordinary defeat in both economies. The two countries must maintain the "parity" of their nuclear weapons so that no country can get more than the others so that it throws out the balance of power and gives one combatant an unfair advantage. This is a strange logic because the two countries have enough weapons to destroy the earth dozens of times, but they still insist on "having something in common" during the cold war.

It is clear that no fighting between the Soviet Union and America can be tolerated. The potential results of involving these weapons have the power to destroy life on planet Earth. But the two countries were not ready to lay down their weapons and begin the process of reconciling with others. So, the weapons continue to face each other, day after day, year after year, for fifty years.
So, instead of fighting directly, the two countries fight each other through small wars around the world. The Soviet Union, which works with China, is happy to contribute to the humiliating losses in Vietnam experienced by the United States. But the United States then turned and armed the Afghan Mujahideen which caused the Soviet Union's defeat in their occupation of the country. From proxy wars, space races, and occasionally dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Cold War continued for decades, testing the willingness and determination of the two countries to never turn away and give others a profit.
Eventually the pressure on the economies of the two countries took its toll in the early 1990s, especially in the Soviet Union because the pressure to maintain an expensive and unproductive war forced the Soviet economy to collapse and the empire broke out. The United States has won the cold war with a strong will to survive and a stubborn refusal to surrender. This is an element of American spirit that is rarely discussed but it is something Soviet learned for their own disasters not to be tested. Hopefully no other "superpower" has ever thought they were equipped to test it again.

Civil War

Civil War

America has been part of several devastating battles over its long history. World War I and World War II were very difficult conflicts and which burdened the country's resources to the fullest. But none of these conflicts can be compared to the Civil War not only because of the brutality and destruction of human life but in the destruction of the social order caused by the terrible conflict.

America is proud that he never had a battle in his native land. Apart from Pearl Harbor and 911, we were never even attacked in our own land. So, it takes a civil war against you, America against America to make the possibility of war within the American border possible.

Surprising war statistics for relatively short conflicts. The war began on April 12. 1861. Confederates who took blood first attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Battle of the Civil War and legendary. We have come to respect the deaths of both parties from this bloody conflict by preserving many of these historic battlefields even today.

Throughout the war, North Korea had advantages in preparation, equipment and supplies. But General Lee, who was in charge of the confederate army, was a brilliant strategist and battles often produced massive casualties on both sides. When the final calculation was made, more than 970,000 Americans died because of the Civil War. While that may not be numerically compared to the big losses in the next two world wars, this figure represents 3% of the American population at that time. And because most of the dead wars originated from America's youth, hope for the future, the decline of this war against the development of the American economy was truly extraordinary.

In modern times we look back on the Civil War as a giant battle to end the horrors of slavery in this country. And to be sure, the Civil War is and will forever be a central part of black history and the starting point of the civil rights movement in America. But the causes of the Civil War are very complex and diverse which only makes negotiations and resolutions of wars more difficult before conflicts occur.

Part of the problem being pursued is the state's right to self-determination which is balanced with the rights of the federal government to determine the affairs of each state. On the surface, this may seem trivial compared to ending slavery but placing it in context, it is a critical relationship to correct remembering our not too far-reaching memories of our revolution against Britain because it tried to impose unreasonable control on the colonies.

Americans are very independent people and the spirit of independence is born in a revolutionary warfare battle in which the Americans expressly state that they will no longer submit to a king or allow a centralized government to have great control over the lives of individuals. Anger over how the British tried to put the colony under slavery was a foal which caused an explosion known as the Revolutionary War. And a lot of effort is being made to ensure there is language in the constitution and other important documents to ensure that the federal government will be severely restricted from interfering in the lives of its citizens.

Beyond that, the preservation of unions as one country was also contested in the Civil War. But it was a moral problem of slavery that made the Civil War an emotional problem and one that caused people to fight fiercely to defend their side. In the end, even Abraham Lincoln made slavery a rational basis for war and determined that the end of this barbaric practice would be a legacy of this terrible conflict.

But one thing that is also a legacy of the Civil War is the determination that we, as Americans, will never change our war machine to our own citizens again. The war tore apart the family and literally caused you to fight against you. Since the reconstruction and unification of America, this country has experienced a bruise in its national soul for this war and the bruise reminds us that we are one person and we will always be one person who is dedicated to the causes of truth, justice and the American way. life.

Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

There have been a number of events that took place during the historic period when America declared its independence from Britain which was so historic, so iconic that they had taken as much myth and legend status as history. And of course the Boston Tea Party fits that description. This is a very prominent event in American history so it is not unusual to see school children playing it during plays or elementary school dramas. And the names of participants including John Hancock, Paul Revere and John Adams also became classic hero figures in folklore and American history.

But the events of December 16, 1776 were not a fairy tale or a myth but the real and important part of the development of the American Revolution was very important for the initial foundation of this country. The taxation situation imposed by Brittan on goods entering the colony is one of the serious pressures on invaders because they do not have control over these taxes. And the tax situation is becoming more extreme with relations between the British government and East Indian Tea companies that receive tax breaks for their goods which will put them in a competitive advantage in America.

This type of preferential treatment only exacerbates already strained relations between the colonies and Britain and many people in the leadership of the American countries see the way the UK handles the situation as a conspiracy to try to hurt the economy of a new developing country and to implement strict rules. through taxation on colonies and colonies. That is why the famous proclamation "Without Tax Without Representation" became a historic thing for the anger towards the British who brought the colonies into a revolutionary war which ultimately led to the independence of the American colonies and the beginning of a new country.

Finally on Thursday, December 16, 1776, decisive action needs to be taken. And our ancestors were nothing if they were not known for their brave and decisive actions in the fact of tyranny. The East India Tea Company has docked HMS Dartmouth in the port of Boston full of imported fresh tea for the colony. It's time for invaders to make a statement that the use of this unethical and immoral tea tax for all intents and purposes is an act of war and they will treat it like that.

Poorly disguised as Indians, brave invaders boarded HMS Dartmouth and his sister ship, HMS Beaver and HMS Eleanor and skillfully and efficiently disposed of all shipments of tea to the port of Boston. All amounted to more than forty-five tons of tea going into the water that night. That was an amazing blow. But more than that it was a slap on the face of the British government and the challenge was confirmed that their efforts to govern the tyrants would not be tolerated anymore.

This event was very important in encouraging hostility between the British and the colonies through the stage of "disturbance" and regulating power in the movement for war. But more than that, the statement of rebellion that so boldly made many invaders inspired to join the increasing choir that called for war and independence.

For loyal Britons, the idea of ​​separating and forming their own country is difficult to understand. But the leadership of the people who planned and carried out the Boston Tea Party showed a new independent spirit. This is a kind of backbone, pride and independence that will come to define the spirit of America in the years to come. But it takes courage and courage for this small group of men to show that being trampled by foreign tyrants is not something we have to face.

It made a statement to the British and to the invaders at the same time that the revolution was possible and they could really consider themselves free people who would submit to the king. Since then, American independence cannot be avoided. These visionary leaders show us an American who gives strength to his people, not to the king or the government and the results of how America works and our lives lived are a direct result of bold protests like the Boston Tea Party.

Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights

We as Americans have tremendous respect and respect for the founders of our Constitution because they put the foundation stone for the largest country in the world. But on top of the many extraordinary aspects of the Constitution, one stands out as an act of wisdom and foresight that ensures the Constitution will remain a living document for centuries. That is the provision of the Constitution which allows for the addition of amendments.

It was not long after the Constitution was passed that the first ten amendments were indeed organized and became law. That the ten amendments had become central to the American system of government as well as the Constitution itself. They came to be known as the Bill of Rights.

The Human Rights Law is so deeply rooted in American consciousness that it is often used as a reference in talks about various problems, how Americans work and live together and our relationship with the government. The true genius of the Bill of Rights is the work it does to severely limit the ability of the United States government to disrupt the basic rights of its citizens. This is an amazing achievement at the government level when you think in terms of government legal systems throughout history and throughout the world.

These ten amendments ensure that the rights of citizens in this country are forever protected from any action by any administration to take those rights and give them to the government itself. Therefore, the government is forever banned from being too strong and surrendering the government to the role of servants in society which often does not occur in government politics elsewhere in the world.

Ten constitutional amendments covering the core rights of Americans including ...

1. Religious Freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and basic rights to gather without fear of harassment from the government. Also the right to petition the government to seek help for complaints caused by the government.
2. The right to carry a weapon.
3. Protection from forced housing in civilian homes during the conflict.
4. Protection from unreasonable search and seizure as part of a criminal investigation.
5. Right to legal process when accused of a crime.
6. The right to a jury trial, to be allowed to cross-check your accusers and other rights of the accused to ensure that Americans cannot be "escorted" by the legal system.
7. Right to a civil footprint by a jury
8. Protection against cruel and unusual penalties and the right to get guarantees.
9. Protection of rights not specifically mentioned in these ten amendments
10. Protection of state rights.

Of these rights, the ones listed in the first amendment are most often cited and are most valued by Americans. The original authorship of the Bill of Rights is credited to James Madison. Ground rules about how the government will respect its own citizens and the rights of American citizens who have fundamentally shaped this country and how Americans expect their government to behave.

This is blessed by citizens with the hope that the rights of citizens at a very basic level are more important than the rights of the government and that the government "works for us" which is a phenomenal change to the way society has been organized throughout history. Thus, the Bill of Rights is one of the many reasons that America can be considered the most unique country in the world and a country that is copied by many citizens from other countries.

American Cowboy

American Cowboy

Americans have a unique vision of themselves and their role in the world. Unlike other people in history, Americans see themselves as destiny and the people placed here to do something phenomenal and something that is important to history and for everyone on earth. This unique self-concept, sometimes regarded as arrogance, is deeply rooted in a series of archetypes that Americans use to shape their vision of themselves in the world. And there is no other archetype that is as strong as the soul of America other than cowboys.

American cowboys are actually unique individuals. Although it may not be as high and as handsome as the pictures it made in the film, they are a unique type of man who carved civilizations from rough wilderness, which was the western region of America in the years before the turn of the last century.

Some of the reasons that cowboy images sometimes include elements of criminals and loners are that many cowboy legends come from stories of refugees from destroyed southern armies who took cowboy life rather than trying to integrate into society which included making peace with "the Yankee" . And this type of person is clearly the cause of many criminals who later became legends and stories to this day.

Rebel and lonely imagery combined with the rough life of an actual cowboy whose job is to guide large herds of cattle along the road like the historic trail of Cumberland where they can be sold to become steaks, leather and other items sold in rural American shops at that time. This is a difficult life and traces of the story make a lot of history books for sure. But far more stories from paths that glorify a lifestyle that is indeed difficult.

But the image of the cowboy is also something that grows bigger than what the real lifestyle of simple but rude people must live in western America. It is a picture that unites the heroes as far as being thrown like an Australian Gaucho cowboy, Japanese Samurai, and a knight at King Arthur's palace. It was a picture of a man who showed a strong individualism that all Americans regarded as one of the central unifying characteristics that made America great.

The image of a cowboy is one that even has the highest influence in the American social strata that affects the presidency. It was said that there was a tradition for any president when he was first elected and came to Washington to begin studying this great new job. According to tradition, each president has the initial task of sitting and watching a High Noon movie. They say that President Clinton watched it dozens of times in his early years. If this is true, it explains how often a new president seems to grow and change in office and becomes his own version of the great American hero portrayed in the film. The American cowboy defends the good of the weak and helpless. He is a defender of the family and people in the community who are trying to carve a house in a difficult world. Thus, American cowboys fit in with the image of "superheroes" who also appeal to American systems of justice, morality and values.

Even epic films of star wars are basically based on the legend of the cowboy. The concept of cowboys grew out of the history of our country which included the settlement of large lands and jungle settlements that pitted the will of the gods and the intelligence of humans towards God's creation. And the will of man wins. That is why Americans admire the cowboy because he represents their own struggle to achieve greatness, to succeed and become a hero at least for their families, hometown and church. And the desire deeply rooted in American historical culture will always be what makes America and America great.